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Inna Zobova & Bruno Aveillan, Innangelo Accessories

Innangelo is a new brand of scarves and accessories created by the designer Inna Zobova and artist Bruno Aveillan which combines artistic avant-garde and the noblest tradition of craftsmanship. From its inception, Innangelo established an ongoing and intuitive relationship with great contemporary artists and designers who are invited to create exclusive collection pieces for the brand. Innangelo takes a new approach to the scarf based on the pursuit of new visual designs and a resolutely daring choice of textiles. Seeing, touching an Innangelo scarf is a singular and multi-sensory experience. It ignites a passionate story.

Many public figures and spiritual leaders around the world support the efforts of the heart fund, including mata amritanandamayi (amma) and the oracle of the Dalai Lama.

As part of its commitment to the fund, a percentage of the profits from the sale of scarves designed by Inna Zobova for Innangelo is donated to the organization.

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