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Illustration:  Robert W. Richards

ASVOFF 2017 Jury List

  • Jury President: Eric Daman, costume designer, author, actor

  • Waris Ahluwali – Actor and Designer House of Waris

  • Serge Carreira – Maitre de conferences at Sciences Po Paris

  • Isabel Coixet – Director and Writer

  • Ivaylo Grancharov – Head of Education at Nu Boyana Film Studios

  • Marc Happel – Costme Director New York City Ballet

  • Yoann Lemoine – Director, Singer, Woodkid

  • Klaus Stockhausen – Zeit Magazine – Fashion Editor, stylist

  • Wilson J Tang – Studio Art Director at Kabam

  • Robb Young – Strategic Consultant, Brand Development,Fashion & Luxury Goods, Journalist, Global Markets BOF

  • Cuba Tornado Scott – Artist and Model

ASVOFF 2017 Prize Categories

  • Grand Prize ASVOFF/Nu Boyana Film Studios Snowbird by Sean Baker for Kenzo - prize is 50,000 EUROS of services at Nu Boyana Film Studios plus 5,000 Euros of cash to be spent at Nu Boyana Film Studios for expenses.

  • Best Artistic Direction - Gosh by Romain Gavras

  • Best Editing- In and Out of Control by Emir Eralp

  • Best Actor/Actress - How to Get Rid of a Ghost by Emir Eralp  Emmanuelle Seigner 

  • Best Styling- Gidi Gidi Bu Ugwu Eze “Unity is Strength” by Akinola Davies Jr Stylist Ibrahim Kamara

  • Best Sound Design- The Parallel Pyramid Platform by Dennis Vanderbroeck Marc Mâhfoud

  • Best Beauty - He Was by Fred Lebain and Gregoire Pedron Beauty Greshka

  • Best Advertising - Gucci Dreamscape by Petra Collins

  • Best Emerging Talent Winter Eclipse by Pablo Masters 

  • Best Cinematography - Tales of the Wild 2 GAUCHO by Arthur de Kersauson and Clement Beauvais

  • Jury Prize- Christeene by Matt Lambert

  • Special Prize: Wearable Technology Fashion Film - Lucy McRae The Institute of Isolation 

  • Best Student Prize.Lui/Lei by Luzie Loose studies at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

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