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ASVOFF 2008 Jury List

  • Danièle Hibon, President of the Jury: Director of the Cinema Department of Le Jeu de Paume. Previously supervised Le Bureau d’Accompagnement de l’Avance sur Recettes at the Centre National de la Cinématographie. Since 1995 she has been organizing cinematic workshops for art-school students[11]

  • Magali Aubert: She founded Standard magazine in 2003. Her role as Editor-in-Chief of the magazine makes every artistic field her forte.

  • Hélène Segol: Music video producer at Wanda, one of the top ad & music video production companies in the world.

  • Laurent Goumarre: Producer of the Radio-show Minuit Dix.

  • Eric Tong Cuong: Co-founder of advertising mega-agency BETC, co-founder of enduring music label Naïve, Eric is now running his latest adventure – the pluridisciplinary advertising agency La Chose.​

ASVOFF 2008 Prize Categories

  • ASVOFF Grand Prize: Jenny Haniver by Camille Vivier

  • Special Mention: Video Look Book by Jeremy Scott

  • Public Prize winner of the first edition of A Shaded View On Fashion Film at Jeu de Paume was "The Pattern Film" by Anemone Skjoldager[12]


“Jenny Haniver”
by Camille Vivier

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