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Forest Lace, Olivier de Larue Dargère & Lewis Martin

Organic and naturalistic: a fashion & jewelry story by artistic director Olivier de Larue Dargère and film director Lord Lewis Martin

Stylist: Marie Revelut, Makeup: Kim Chincholle, Produced by Fred Leconte & Kevin Hamon @ Prestige films / Fat Program, Edited by Lord Lewis Martin & Olivier de Larue Dargère - Camera assistant: Claire Bouchard, Production Manager: Bénédicte Mathieu, Location Manager: Franck Chataigné, Models: Ave @ Mademoiselle Agency & Adeline @ Karin Models

Featuring fashion by: Tony Ward - Dany Atrache - Emmanuel Ungaro - Kalyah

Featuring jewelry by: Karl Lagerfeld - Marion Parfait

Post-production: Les Postprodeurs - Music by Yannis Kamarinos & Gabriel Masurel

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