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Formes Subtiles (Modern Remix) by Reine Graves

Formes Subtiles Modern Remix is an exhibition curated by David Magnin & Geraldine Postel @ Galerie Iconoclastes Paris, Nov-Dec 2017. A silent video by Reine Graves is memorizing the moment of the first part of this exhibition. Based on a selection of unpublished images by Gaston Karquel of FORMES UTILES 1949, the curators duo invited contemporary artists to integrate images in their own aesthetic fields. Artists list includes David Ancelin, Ada Yu , Emmanuel Bossuet , Simon de la Porte, Antoine Marquis , Laurent Saksik, Pierre de Lohéac, Devon Dikeou, Thomas Lélu, Bianca Argimon, David Ancelin , Thierry Lagalla, Odonchimeg Dovaardorj, Thomas Zoritchak, and Vier5. The furnitures pieces : Bauche chair designed by Charlotte Perriand and the three legged stool by Pierre Faucheux. All Gaston Karquel images are part of the Collection David Magnin

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